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How Bloomin On Broadway is Keepin' it Classy

One shop is making the most of the warm weather and summer season! Bloomin on Broadway, LLC has started offering classes to their community members to learn to make arrangements. Learn more below!

Can you explain more about the classes?

We offer do-it-yourself classes to the public so they can come in and make something special themselves. For example, we did a Break Your Pot Succulent Fairy Garden, Mother's Day Make Your Own Bouquet, and Build Your Own Terrarium.

When did you start offering the classes?

We started offering the classes in April. The first one was an Easter Centerpiece. Then we offer them twice a month every month. This way, there is more availability for the customers to join us.

How are the classes going?

They have been successful! We continue getting new people into the shop, which is the goal so they can see what we offer.

What tips would you give other florists wanting to start doing their own classes?

Be creative, consistent, and have fun with it! Customers are always looking for something new to do and try. If they can make something themselves and take it home or give it away, that means much more than buying something premade. They can make it an outing with their friends for a night out of the house. If you are unsure what classes to offer, get a feel of your customers by asking what classes you should offer. Leaving it up to them and giving them the power will encourage them to come into the shop as well.

We love a DIY moment! We love this idea and think you guys rock! Keep being awesome, Bloomin on Broadway!

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