It may seem strange to have your Mother's Day page turned on in September, but there are many advantages to keeping your website pages on.

Locking & Unlocking Pages

You can find controls for Locking and Unlocking Pages inside Edit Website, the left side menu of your website next to each page name.

Unlocked Website Page ( ) - Unlocked pages will change periodically due to scheduled product rotations and updates. Your website pages must be unlocked to receive new product updates.

Step-by-Step Instructions to Lock Pages

1. Click on 'Edit Website' in the orange, left menu, under Website.

2. Here you can click the little menu icon ( ) next to the page you would like to lock, for example, Mother's Day.

3. Click "Unlocked" ( ) to toggle the setting to "Locked" ( ), and vise versa.


  • Allows the search engines to crawl and index the page for future reference.
  • Let's customers see what you have to offer year round.
  • Prevents 404 errors on your website. (Search engines do not like 404 errors.)
  • Keeps your backlink profile healthy. (If someone has a link to your page they will not see a 404 error.)

All of these advantages help when it comes time for your page to shine during the holiday!

The search engines look for consistency in your website all year long, so keeping the pages on helps them find information.

Worried about customers ordering from pages out of season?

Don't Be! Most customers are not going to buy from pages that don't represent the season. If you do receive an order with out-of-season flowers, it is okay for you to substitute with flowers that are in season.

Remember, keep all of your pages turned on
to get the most out of your website!