MAS Direct Network
System Integration

Flower Shop Network is proud to announce that the MAS Floral Business Management System for retail florists now interfaces to the sending and receiving interface. If you don't have MAS, contact them directly by calling (214) 329-9418 or visit If you are already a MAS customer, submit an E-Service request to get started with the integration process.

The development teams at Flower Shop Network and MAS have worked to make the configuration process as simple as possible. Please review the system requirements and configuration steps for both Flower Shop Network and MAS below to start sending and receiving orders via your MAS System.

The MAS system is a total floral integrated management system consisting of Order Processing, Marketing, Accounting, Delivery, GPS, Mapping, Internet, Intranet, Faxing, Design Room Operations, Inventory, Online Employee Training, Telephone-Integration, Bar Coding in all Departments, Wireless Systems, Nationwide & Statewide Directories, Employee-Productivity, Wedding / Celebration Management, Customer Service Performance module, Dial in prompts for customers, Website Integration and more. Many of the features here are not available on other systems.

Flower Shop Network Setup

Review the instructions below or call 800.858.9925.

Online FSNf2f account is required. If you've already registered for access to your FSNf2f account at, simply make note of your login id and password. You'll need it to properly configure the MAS Floral Business Management System System to send or receive florist to florist and e-commerce orders.

If you are a current Flower Shop Network member and haven't registered for an FSNf2f account, you can register online. Signing up online is easy and free with your Flower Shop Network membership. If you are unable to register online or have questions concerning the interface between FSN and MAS, please contact us and we can help you get started.

Once you are able to login to FSNf2f using your current login id and password, contact FSN Customer Support at (800) 858-9925 and advise us that you'd like to be set up to send/receive via the MAS Floral Business Management System System.

After reviewing the configuration instructions above, if you have problems configuring the FSN or MAS settings, please contact us.