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Following Up with Customers

Delivery confirmations are a courtesy to other florists and website customers, but aside from the obvious benefits, delivery confirmations can be a powerful networking tool and boost order volume!

Bring On The Benefits! What's in It For Your Shop?

  • Promoting Customer Loyalty: When direct customers receive confirmation emails, you have stayed with them through the entire purchase process. Some direct customers may never get a response or indication from their recipient that their order was delivered. By utilizing delivery confirmations, you are letting them know their order was handled promptly, and personally!

  • Make Your Shop Stand Out!: With electronic services and automated ordering on the rise, adding a personal touch to your orders, such as delivery confirmations, sets your shop apart from competitors. Customers always appreciate knowing they haven't been forgotten once they've placed their order. (With FSN confirmations, we also indicate to other florists using a badge in our directory, that your shop takes time to complete confirmations!)

  • Network With Other Florists: Nothing says, "Thanks for sending!" to another flower shop like following up on their orders. Letting a fellow florist know their order has been delivered, is a great way to build professional relationships, and encourage repeat business. (Flower Shop Network makes it easy for member florists to mark YOUR shop as a 'preferred florist' directly from the confirmation emails. This means that any order they send coming into your delivery area, is automatically assigned to your shop!)

  • It's All In The Details: Documentation never hurt anyone! Having a record you can refer to for delivery times, who accepted the product, and dates of delivery can be a valuable resource for any shop. Information is power. When a customer calls you, confirmations can ensure you have the details of their order easily accessible. This not only helps you provide excellent service, but your customer will know they aren't just an order number to you and your staff. (FSN makes it simple to quickly confirm delivers, or add thorough notes on every order!)

--- FSN Member Exclusive Features ---

Our member florists have access to even more advantages and benefits from completing confirmations!

  • We Do The Work: Getting email addresses, attaching a picture, and composing a message is going to take time. Flower Shop Network automatically generates the email, allows you to quickly attach a photo, gives you the ability to add detailed information, and sends those confirmations with a simple click of your mouse!
  • Confirm From Your Phone: If you can get emails to your phone, you can confirm deliveries anywhere! To send real-time confirmations, or just because a particular customer or florist asks for special attention to their order... you can add any email to your mobile confirmation settings inside your account. Send an email with the order number as the subject, and send it to deliver@fsnf2f.com. We will mark that order delivered, send the confirmation email, and even include the picture if you attach one when you send!

  • Add Content To Your FSN Listing: Did you know that when you add pictures to your confirmations, we automatically feed those into your listing? And if you have a Flower Shop Network website, we also post those pictures to your 'Flower Delivery' page! It showcases your recent deliveries, which is a great way to encourage more orders. Not to mention that your customers and fellow florists can see exactly what you delivered to their recipient.

It's Easy!

Here at FSN, we know that your time is precious. We make confirming deliveries an easy feature through your account at fsnf2f.com, or on your mobile device via email. We have tutorial videos to show you both a quick, and a detailed confirmation, and we are always available to assist you. Marketing for your business puts the power in your hands, so we provide you with quick, easy, and proven solutions to promote your shop to your customers, network with other florists, and increase productivity!

With each delivery confirmation you complete, rest assured that you are giving positive feedback to florists and customers alike. You are taking that extra step to make sure your shop's name and reputation stand out as an example of personal and professional service!

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