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Be True To You: Authenticity on Social Media

Be True to You: Authenticity on Social Media

Posting authentic content on social media can lead to a deeper and more personalized connection with your customers, while also encouraging brand loyalty. Customers love getting to know a brand, so let your flower shop speak for itself by showcasing real moments!

What is authenticity in terms of social media?

Consumers today are choosing to purchase from more genuine businesses. Being authentic on social media is all about showing the “real” side of your brand. Your audience wants to know there are real people behind the scenes and want to interact with an actual person. This helps them connect with you and makes your shop stand out amongst the other businesses just trying to take their money.

Why is it important?

In today’s world, forming a connection with your audience is essential if you want to succeed. Giving authenticity to your brand allows you to do this, and also creates an opportunity to show a unique version of your brand, helping differentiate you from other shops. Social media is often customers’ first impression of your brand, so make it count!

How can I be more authentic?

Authenticity isn’t something that can be created. The easiest way to achieve it is to just be honest. It’s okay to post a photo with no filter, or to address any challenges you are facing. It’s important for your followers to see the real thing when it comes to your products and brand. Make sure everything you’re posting is an accurate representation of your company. Most importantly, be unique and have fun! Don’t copy what the competition is doing, or you’ll come off as inauthentic. Your followers will appreciate seeing the real you.

Being authentic with your followers fosters a relationship with them and keeps them loyal and engaged. Build trust between you and your audience by getting real with them!

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