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Organic vs. Paid Social Media Content

Organic vs. Paid Social Media Content

Social media is an important tool to help you in marketing your flower shop. When building your strategy for social media, it's important to consider all aspects, including organic and paid content and the right time to use each one.

Organic Content

So what exactly is organic content? This is the content that you post on your page for free. These posts usually reach users that follow your page and see your content in their feeds. Your organic reach is the number of users that see your posts naturally, without you boosting or promoting your post in any way.

Paid Content

Using paid content can help you reach a wider audience than only those who follow your page. Paid posts are promoted or boosted to target a specific audience that you choose based on their interests, location, demographics, and other information. Paid content can reach a much larger audience than organic content alone.

Working Together

Consistently posting is important to help establish your brand on social media, and for interacting with your audience. However, using only organic reaching posts may no longer be enough. Since Facebook and Instagram, among other platforms, use an algorithm to put posts in users feeds based on their previous use of social media, businesses’ organic reach is not as high as it has been in the past. By boosting some of your posts or running an ad, you can ensure that more users than just your faithful followers are able to see your post and be reminded of your business.

Finding a balance between organic and paid content is essential to make your social media pages successful. It may take time to figure out exactly the right formula, but you’ll start seeing results once you put in the work!

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