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Telling Your Story with Stories

Telling Your Story with Stories

Looking for a way to get in front of your followers on a more consistent basis than just posting to your profiles? Instagram and Facebook Stories are a great way to post fun content that your followers will enjoy on both social platforms. Stories go away after 24 hours, but they are the first thing users see at the top of the page when logging onto both the Instagram and Facebook mobile apps. Make the most of this feature with some of our content suggestions for your flower shop.

Behind the Scenes

Stories are the perfect place to showcase what goes on behind the scenes at your flower shop! Since they disappear after 24 hours, they’re a great way to show activities as they’re happening, like a new shipment or designing an arrangement. This can help get your customers excited about what you’re doing!


Facebook and Instagram Stories can also be used to gain insight and engage with your audience. You can place stickers onto your Stories with interactive polls or reaction sliders to gain feedback. Ask for their feedback and they’ll love to answer! You can also include a Questions sticker and let your followers ask you questions that you can then post the answer to on your story. It’s a great way to interact with your followers!

Get Featured

Include location and hashtag stickers on your Instagram Stories for a chance to be featured on Instagram’s Explore tab. The Location Stories featured here use the location sticker to pull in multiple stories from users using the same location tag. Hashtag stories work the same way, so make sure to use a popular, but relevant, hashtag on your Stories.

Other Ways

There are lots of other great ways to use Stories as well! Consider doing a takeover, which would let an influencer (link to Anna’s influencer marketing blog) post to your story for a day, drawing in their followers. Think about promoting your contests here, or even having a countdown to a big announcement!

Facebook and Instagram Stories are a perfect way to help you form a one-on-one connection with your audience, so take advantage of them! However you choose to use your Stories, make them fun and relatable so your followers will enjoy seeing them every day!

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